Information Products Business – 9 Success Elements in an Information Products Business

An information products business is where you sell ebooks that are related to a particular market. If you’re in the self help niche, you’ll be creating and selling your own ebooks on handling stress, self-confidence, law of attraction and negotiation skills regularly. However, take note that there’s a lot more to selling online than writing an ebook. Here are 9 elements to an information products business which make it a success.

1. The ebook

As well the content for the ebook, you also need to place a link to your main website where readers can purchase other products, a link to sign up to your newsletter and a recommendation of one of your other products.

Customers quickly forget where they bought an eBook from and with links to your website as a reminder plus a recommendation of your other products, they may buy from you again.

Don’t forget that your eBook could be passed on to the buyer’s friends. When the latter reads your eBook and likes the information, they would know where to purchase more products from you and sign up to your list.

2. The website design

The design of your website needs to by eye-catching and professional. This is your first impression to your prospects and first impressions can give you sales.

3. Sales letter

Visitors to your website don’t know how good or valuable your eBook is, so they have to make their decision based on your sales letter. You need to write a sales letter to explain the benefits of your product and give them reasons why they should buy now.

Writing a good sales letter is an art. Top copywriters charge from $10,000 – $15,000 per copy.

4. Squeeze page

You need to create a squeeze page to capture your prospects’ emails so that you can remind them of your products and ask them to buy. Building a list is the life line of an online business.

You need to create a squeeze page with a compelling free offer so that people are willing to give you their email address to sign up to your list.

5. Tell a friend script

After people sign up to your list, you should direct them to a web page offering them something free if they tell 3 of their friends about your squeeze page offer. This tell a friend script can virally build your list which means more customers for you.

6. Autoresponder emails

As well as a good autoresponder account to capture your subscribers’ emails with, you need to write several good emails which are sent to your subscribers on a regular basis.

The emails should provide the subscribers good useful information with a reminder that they can purchase the eBook at your website. You need to send at least 7 of these autoresponder emails at 2 day intervals to follow up with your list.

7. Articles

Write and distribute a lot of good articles with a link to your information product website. Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract interested prospects to visit your website and it also helps your website’s search engine rankings. Learn as much as you can on article marketing and distribute each of your articles to several directories to generate targeted traffic.

8. Press Release

A press release is an excellent way to announce the launch of your information product. People seeing your press release will have the impression that your company is important and successful.

It will also help your search engine rankings for your website since press release websites are authority websites that are favoured by the search engines.

9. An Affiliate Center

To make your information product sell, you need to have an affiliate center to attract affiliates to promote your product. Affiliates can see what promotion material and tools you have in your affiliate center and will use them to promote your ebook. With ready-made promotion material, you can attract super affiliates who are able to give you hundreds of sales over night.

As you can see, there’s a lot of work that goes into creating an information products business. Writing the eBook is a small part of the process. When you have a complete information product developed, you can duplicate everything for every new product you launch later on. The hard work is in creating everything for the first time.