Video Production Business Tip – Developing and Launching New Strategies

Michael and I get so excited about developing and launching new strategies. In fact, we get so fired up that we often want to change the direction of the new strategy within 24 hours of putting it in motion. What the hell is wrong with us?

Obviously, we won’t know if the new strategy will benefit us or our members until we’ve given it a chance to work. The big joke in a recent conversation was that we weren’t even allowing enough time for the paint to dry on a new strategy before we were trying to change directions.

The same holds true for many of us in the daily efforts of running our video production companies. A lot of us have so many ideas that we want to implement the next thing as soon as we’re done with one of them.

When’s the last time you printed 500 business cards just to immediately want to change the design before handing out the first one? What about the last time you put together that kick butt sales letter but before you sealed the first envelope, decided to scrap the entire effort?

The truth is you have no way of knowing whether or not a marketing effort will work until you try it. Then, once you try it, you have to do it long enough so you can get a good sampling on whether or not it actually worked to generate new business.

One of the old advertising greats (can’t remember his name) said that we get tired of our marketing messages long before our prospects and customers do. I have found this to be true in running my video production company.

In fact, I’ve learned that the real results don’t start to come until you’ve been pushing one type of marketing effort for at least 6 months to a year. That can seem like a long time when you are staring at the same demo, business card, website, etc. but you MUST give it a chance to work. It’s tempting to change strategies whenever you think of another way that you believe might do the trick.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make subtle improvements over time, just that you don’t want to do a complete 180 turn every time you worry that perhaps your marketing isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. The key is to give your marketing strategy a timeline to let it prove its effectiveness. You just have to be patient enough to wait so you can make a good assessment in your video production business.