Video Production Business Tip – Setting Your Priorities

I often feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that go hand in hand with running a successful video production company. In fact, I think many videographers fail to find any true level of financial success because they struggle with how to prioritize tasks on a daily basis so they can move the business forward by that “critical inch.”

Several years ago, I was having major issues with keeping it all straight so I developed what I call THE PRIORITY PROCESS which in its simplest form, helps me refocus my efforts with a simple glance any time I feel like the train has derailed and the cars are flying off the track.

If you have followed me for a while or participate in our weekly live group coaching calls, you may recognize this process because I refer to it often.

When I arrive at the studio each day, I follow this priority process to determine where I need to focus my efforts.

1. SALES – Is there anything I need to do in order to move a potential sale forward? (Send an email, make a call, write a proposal or submit an invoice for the deposit payment.) Many people wonder why I put sales in front of production and the reason is because the people I sell to only work during normal business hours. For the most part, we can do project work at any time of the day so it’s important to handle the sales activities first.

-if all Sales tasks are completed, I switch focus to-

2. PROJECTS – Is there anything I need to do to move a project (or projects) forward today? (Write a script, book a shoot date, hire a narrator, edit, etc.)

-if all Project tasks are completed, I switch focus to-

3. MARKETING – What can I do to market my company? (Email newsletter, blog post, video marketing, networking, etc.) As you have probably experienced, our industry is very cyclical in that you’ll be slammed one month and have nothing to do the next month. There’s no reason to get overly stressed about this reality so that’s why I just choose to focus on marketing when there aren’t isn’t any project work going on. It all seems to work out in the end.

-if all Marketing tasks are completed, I switch focus to –

4. ADMINISTRATIVE – What needs to be dealt with regarding everything else required to run my business? (Accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable, errands, etc.) Keep in mind that even though I have listed this category as the last priority, you can’t wait weeks to pay your bills or collect money from clients. I mainly have it listed after sales, projects and marketing because I handle a lot of my administrative work on my laptop while watching TV at night.

I have found that by sticking to this process, I get the most accomplished in my video production business each day and I leave with a sense of fulfillment which makes it easier for me to turn off the work engine in my head and spend quality time with my family after hours and on weekends.